The Free Burma Rangers: Rebuilding Churches and Restoring Lives in the Former Capital of ISIS

For years, ISIS devastated parts of Iraq and Syria with its brand of radical Islam that seemed like a scourge coming out of the Middle Ages.  ISIS committed genocide against Christians, Yazidis and anyone who they deemed unworthy to live in the Islamic empire they called a caliphate. 

In their wake, ISIS – also known as the Islamic State – left devasted lives and communities. Thankfully, its caliphate has been destroyed and many of the cities, towns and villages that once were under their grip have been liberated.  One group that has worked in this area for years is the Free Burma Rangers. Their goal is to: “Love each other, unite and work for freedom, justice and peace.  Forgive and don’t hate each other.  Pray with faith, act with courage, never surrender.” 

When the battle to defeat ISIS was at its most intense like in the battle to free Mosul (ancient Ninevah), the Free Burma Rangers worked with Kurds and Iraqis to aid the wounded and rescue those held by ISIS.  Recently we talked with the founder of the Free Burma Rangers Dave Eubank about what the current situation inside Syria, what they are doing to bring hope and how they were able to rebuild one of the largest churches in Raqqa, Syria, at one time the capital of ISIS. 


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