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Landing the Job with 'The Power of Who'

Carolyn Castleberry goes to Baylor University to learn that "who you know" is essential to your next job.


While certain sectors of the economy look brighter, unemployment numbers are at a record high, making the job hunting process more important now than ever to Americans. You may be one of the millions, desperately looking for your next career, and feeling like you're beating your head against the corporate wall. CBN News spoke with one of the nation's top executive recruiters who says most are probably going about their job search the wrong way. Just as some of life's greatest lessons can be learned playing sports-- character, perseverance and teamwork-- they can also be translated to finding a job. 'The Power of Who' Scott Drew and Bob Beaudine-- who placed Drew in his job as a coach at Baylor University-- have succeeded with a unique and unusual approach called "The Power of Who." Beaudine wrote the book on it. "You have a community of friends who God has specifically given you in life," he said. "I tell people that you've got 12 friends, three close, one best that He gave you as gifts to you in your life, that will come to your aid and help you in times of crisis." In crisis, however, people often avoid their friends, especially with money problems. "The dynamic around losing your job is so much different," Beaudine added. "You don't feel comfortable talking to your friends and telling anyone about this. So you slide to a bunker alone." Today, 'alone' is the new in-crowd as jobless numbers rise to record levels. Beaudine, who has worked with everyone from presidents to coaches, says Americans are going about job hunting the wrong way. "You try to utilize what the world system has in place to actually go find jobs today," he explained. "And I tell people that all of that doesn't work. So what is that?" "That's going out to faceless Web sites," Beaudine added. "That's handing out business cards to people like they're mints. Sending letters to executive recruiters like myself. Dear Sir, To Whom It May Concern. Dear Recruiter, that's an oxymoron!" So how does the "Power of Who" work on the basketball court? Drew said it is all about relationships. He lives that philosophy on and off the court from recruiting to playing and even Bible study. In 2003, Drew joined the Baylor program, mired in scandal after a player murdered teammate Patrick Dennehy. Many might question the move, but Drew said God came first, followed by someone else he loves dearly. "I was coaching at Valparaiso University. I didn't want to leave those players," Drew recalled. "And my dad had just retired, but, after being out a year, my dad was missing coaching. So you get the 'Power of Who' and someone like Bob Beaudine, and God opens the door to Baylor." "I go to Baylor, that opens the door for my dad to get back in and coach at Valparaiso University," he added. "So everyone benefits and it's amazing the doors God will open for you." How it Works The Power of Who begins with your inner circle - those 12 key people in your life. "Jesus had 12 friends, three close, one best," Beaudine said. "Everyone knows who He is - 2000 years later - in a place here like Waco, Texas, He's still signing new recruits." Next comes your "who friends"-- up to 100 key people God has strategically placed throughout your life like teachers, coaches and God-given friends-- and remembering them may take some work. "There's a group of people that love you, that want to help you. You have to go find them," Beaudine said. "You have to re-declare your friendship with them. You have to then invest your life in them. And then ask them for help." Beaudine said that is one of three key problems for today's job seekers. Key Problems First, they don't ask for help. Second, they don't know who their true friends are. "Do you know if you give me seven references, one of them will probably roll you under the bus," he said. "Another one will probably say, 'Hey, they want the job!' It's the worst, and the reason is, you don't know your own "Who." Next, they have no idea what they want. "You didn't ask," Beaudine explained. "You don't know your own 'Who,' and three, when you ask your friends, you're vague. You kind of say, 'Gee, I'd like to be in sports, Bo.' So I say, 'What do you want to be? A referee? You want to hand out towels?' Beaudine said the answer is to tell people what we want. Our friends are willing to do that, but we have to know who these are. The last question, but still important, is "where?" Where do you want to work? Turning it Around For Scott, after family, it was about challenge and Waco delivered. He has turned the team around with this group of winners, starting with his first personal connection. "You spend time with the Lord," Drew said. "You find out where He's directing you. You make a list of the things you feel that He wants you to do and places that you want to work. You put that list down and you go to the people you know and say how can I get to where I want to go?" The bottom line is humility. Being humble enough to go to the people who really love you, the people who have always had your back, to find your next job.


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