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Multiplying Your Money

Tom and Joan needed $100,000 fast. They made a sure investment and saw their money multiplied many times over. What are you investing in?


Tom and Joan Shankland have raised five kids on one solid principle; Put God first in every area of your life. And teaching them God’s way in the area of finances is an easy topic for Tom because he is a financial advisor. And that means teaching them to give some of their money away. “I think one of the things I learned from CBN was the law of reciprocity,” says Tom. “That you can not outgive God. And once you give, it will come back. It’s like the law of gravity. And I hope I teach people that.” But in 2006, Tom and Joan faced a financial train wreck. They lost several tenants simultaneously and had to shoulder $10,000 dollars a month in mortgages right when they were trying to pay for a daughter’s wedding. . The Shanklands were staring at bills totaling $100,000. “It was a heavy load because we’ve never been in a situation like that before,” says Joan. “I didn’t like being in the situation. It was not a good place to be. And I was wondering how in the world we were going to come up with all this money.” “It was a lot of money,” says Tom. “But God has never failed us, never. And we were confident that God was going to take care of it, we didn’t know how, but He would. We just new it." One day Joan was watching The 700 Club and she told Tom she wanted to increase her pledge to CBN. “I said ‘some day, and I know this is not a good time because we are faced with more bills than we ever had. But I said someday I’d really like to increase our pledge to the 700 Club,’” says Joan. “And he said, ‘How much were you thinking?’ So I told him that I’d like to increase it to the Founders Club and he said, ‘Go ahead.’” God was about to bless their $5,000 pledge in an awesome way. The following Monday, Tom landed a new client. The income generated from that client covered their Founders pledge for the next five years. Tom’s clientele increased rapidly. They easily made all the mortgage payments and paid the wedding bills. Then they experienced another blessing. They found new tenants quickly, and found a buyer for one of the rentals they had wanted to sell. “God was very faithful in that. Just to be able to bring him in that quick and sell it. You know, I think we sold it quicker than if we were looking for an appropriate tenant for the house,” says Tom. “I know that God heard our cries. And He either provided it or wiped it out so we know that God did it,” says Joan “God is faithful,” says Tom. “And when you are faithful to Him, you can not outgive God. Period. That’s it. Said and done.”


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