New Cure for Alzheimer's May Be on Horizon, but Prevention Methods Are Already Here

There's a bit of new hope for the millions of Americans with Alzheimer's disease after Yale researchers identified what could be a cure.  

It's a combination of molecules that helped mice with Alzheimer's recover their memory. But there's still a lot of testing and research to be done.

Meanwhile, scientists are making headway in Alzheimer's prevention. "It's great that we try to develop a cure for this disease. But we know right now as we have this discussion that it is preventable.  And when we eat a diet that nurtures the gut it will nurture the brain," Dr. David Perlmutter told CBN News.

CBN News Health Reporter Lorie Johnson explains that while a cure for Alzheimer's is a long way off, there's more hope when it comes to preventing the disease.





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