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Nic McLean: Following God's Direction

This film director and scriptwriter reveals his passion for creating quality films and how he found his purpose as a result of his relationship with God.



My name is Nic McLean. I live here in Kitty Hawk, NC, and I love making films. I truly believe that movies should move people. I realize it’s an opportunity to speak into people’s lives and to encourage them and to care for them because I have their undivided attention. I just like looking at things from a different perspective and from different angles. I’ve always enjoyed shooting. I had a camera in my hand since I was a little kid, and I’ve always tried to look at things in a unique way. I think God created people so different and so unique, and I like to bring that out in people. I like how different we all are, and I try to capture that on film. I think what was really cool about working on Walking on Water, is the name of the film... walking on water. That’s what the whole production was. It took a huge leap of faith to make this movie. As the director of this film, God wanted me to be direct-able. He wanted me to listen to his voice, and try to say God, "What do you want to do with this?" And then in turn try to be a voice and move the people around and try to get them in place and get the footage we needed. That was the fun part. A lot of the times, I was just trying to quietly seek God and ask what is the message He has? And part of directing and part of leading, is being able to be lead yourself. So I just submit my plans to God. Some things didn’t go the way I wanted, sometimes they went way better, when I handed my will over to God, and let Him direct. I got saved through Young Life. That’s how I came to know the Lord. A young life leader said, “Hey guys, look, God has a full life for you." And he explained to us, John 10:10. In the Bible where it says, “Jesus told all of his disciples and everyone around, 'I came to bring you life, and bring you life abundant!' ” And when I heard those words when I was a kid, I was like, “Man sign me up!" That’s me, I want a fun life, I want a full life!” And so, that was how I came to know the Lord, through the excitement and joy of knowing God. It wasn’t something like I’ve got to give up all these things in my world to follow after Christ. For me it was like, man this is going to be fun. This is going to be an exciting time, to know the Creator of the universe... the One who like formed me and made me. I get to spend time with Him. I get to have a life of exciting things. I think for me it’s been a fun adventure, making films and being a believer my whole life, but it really started from making a decision. I think that’s the first step, and saying yes, to God. And simply believing Him, and God will honor that. It takes humbling yourself for a moment and saying, "Lord I really need your help, I need your direction for my life. I’ve got all these things in my heart, and man I want to do them. I know God put them there for a reason. But the first step is to follow His direction." And one of the first things he asks us to do is to come into relationship with Him and to know Him one on one. Doors open in this industry from knowing people and success comes from the relationships you have. But if you don’t know the one who made you and designed the purposes for your life, then it’s really no good. It’s kind of for yourself, and I’d recommend to anybody the first thing to do is to get to know the one that made you and put those desires in your heart. Then He’ll allow those things to come to pass in you heart. Knowing God is first. Then the purpose he has for your life will come second.


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