Pompeo to CBN News: 'We're Eyes Wide Open About Russian Efforts to Undermine Western Democracy'

David Brody: "A lot of folks believe that in essence Russia is still spying on the United States. You're a former CIA guy, now Secretary of State, what's the answer to that?"

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "Well there's a long history, decades of history of Russia's efforts to undermine western democracy. It was the Soviet Union for decades, now Russia for the last few. I don't expect that will stop. It is this administration's mission to raise the cost for Russian activity of that kind to attempt to deter them. We're eyes wide open about Russian efforts to undermine western democracy. We're going to do our level best to stop them and when we don't stop them we will call them out for it and make sure they understand that that type of behavior is unacceptable. This administration has been incredibly tough on Russia. We're proud of that and I'm confident we'll have to continue to do so as there's still Russian behavior that is inconsistent with a good relationship between our two countries."
Brody: "You think the media and liberals are a bit out of control on the treason stuff? I mean they've been just hammering this president on open treason. What has been your view of that?"

Pompeo "Yeah, it's silly. I actually looked back at some of the senators' statements when Obama was president, Barack Obama. They were talking about the need for an important, good relationship between… Somehow they have either changed their mind or they they've become pure political hacks. I suspect it's the later and not the former."



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