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Richard Howell: Get NFL Flexible


Richard says we lose mobility (connections involving muscles and joints) and flexibility (connections involving muscles and tendons) as we get older.  It is important to stay both mobile and flexible and to pinpoint any problem areas. 

“If you ignore them, they can be the cause of more problems in the future,” says Richard. 

Athletes face the same types of problems as time goes on.  This is due to the way they train, etc.  Once a player loses mobility, or has an injury, it changes the mechanics of how the joint, muscle, tendons, etc. function.  If Richard can correct and rectify a problem area, he can keep players on the field playing at a high level of intensity.

He says there are assessment exercises:

  1. Toe Touch:  to see if you have the ability to touch your toes to see if there is a problem.  This checks lower body assemetry  This stretch can prevent injury in everyday situations and allows the body to work properly to get the most out of a workout.
  2. Side Line Rotation:  checks for the whole body assemetry.
  3. Trunk Rotation:  checks the body’s ability to rotate.  If there is hip tightness, etc., it can affect the ability to rotate.

He recommends doing 10 –15 reps of each depending on the results you want to achieve.

Richard assists strength and conditioning coach Jon Torin in all aspects of the club’s conditioning program.  He previously served as a graduate assistant at North Carolina in the strength and conditioning department since 1998.  


Richard grew up in a Christian home and says he always knew right from wrong.  In 1995, he made a commitment to make Jesus Lord of his life.  Richard understands the role he plays on the very big platform he has been given and walks out his faith on a daily basis. 

“You can win more people by the way you act, with a good attitude and a hard work ethic,” says Richard.  “I can smile and people want to know what I’m smiling about….so I tell them.” 

He knows that by impacting one person who impacts another is an opportunity he doesn’t take lightly.  He knows that establishing a relationship with an NFL player could lead to an open door to share about his faith in the future. 

“I don’t walk around with a Bible.  I’m not offensive but I challenge them lovingly,” says Richard.

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