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Saving Children Without A Hope

In 2009, Sarah traveled to Ethiopia where she learned of two baby girls abandoned in a field. If the orphanage had not taken them, they would have been left for dead in the field. Sarah found that many organizations and orphanages simply cannot afford to care for babies. Sarah says, “This age group (0 – 5 years) requires so many more resources and individualized attention than older children that most orphanages are forced to refuse care to babies.” Saving Moses was born to help save the most helpless and vulnerable population: babies.

The name for the ministry comes from the biblical story of Moses, who was abandoned in the Nile River when he was an infant and then rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter.  If Pharaoh’s daughter, a complete stranger, had not stepped in to selflessly save Moses from the Nile, he would have died. Moses later grew up to free an entire nation from slavery. “We believe that every life has meaning and purpose,” shares Sarah.

Saving Moses funds and establishes programs in nations that record the highest infant mortality rate and where babies of sex workers are most susceptible to exploitation. Saving Moses has helped to save babies in the following areas of the world:

Cambodia has one of the highest populations of sex workers in the world. There are a significant amount of aid groups that are seeking an end to the sex trade, but there is a severe gap in aid available for the 0-5 year old population. In 2012, Saving Moses established a revolutionary new program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. NightCare operates much like a daycare center except it runs overnight. Mothers drop off their babies to the center before they go to work. The babies then receive a bath, clean clothes, a nutritious meal, time for play, a lesson, and are put to bed until their mothers pick them up in the morning. Saving Moses has opened four NightCare Centers to nurture these vulnerable little lives. Babies of sex workers are vulnerable to several atrocities. Often these little ones are locked in rooms alone for hours at a time, forced to work in the sex industry by selling condoms, viciously abused by their mothers’ clients, left to wander the treacherous streets of Phnom Penh alone, or left lying next to their mother as she entertains clients. “The best way to reach a mother’s heart is by protecting her most valued treasure—her children,” shares Sarah. At Saving Moses, their mission is to save babies and toddlers, but by doing so, they have captured the hearts of many mothers. “While our staff members build natural relationships with the mothers when they drop their children off every night, our mission is to love, nurture, and protect their babies,” reveals Sarah.

The infant mortality rate in Angola, Africa is the highest in the world. Few countries have endured as much turmoil as Angola. Forty years of almost continuous civil war has created devastating effects including a lack of infrastructure, government services, and access to clean water and food. Malnutrition is an underlying cause in most deaths—thousands of babies die needless deaths each year. Saving Moses provides therapeutic milk to six clinics in the Benguela province of Angola. This milk is essentially-fortified milk on steroids and gives a baby with severe malnutrition the nutrients he or she needs to survive. Mothers are referred to the clinics and often need to stay between 4-6 weeks before their baby is healthy enough to be discharged. The survival rate of the babies who complete the full program is 86%. “We found that mothers were dropping out of the program because they did not have enough food for themselves while they stayed at the malnutrition clinic,” says Sarah. In 2015, Saving Moses started feeding the mothers to encourage them to stay for the entire duration of the program and ensure their baby is given the best chance at survival.

The social, political environment and cultural practices play a large role in the infant mortality rates in Afghanistan. Health centers and midwives are scarce, the terrain is incredibly dangerous, and societal structure still demands that women don’t leave their homes. Women are forced into birthing babies alone in unsanitary conditions. If babies survive the birth, many are subjected to illness and disease because of the lack of knowledge in basic infant care. Saving Moses works in four rural clinics in Afghanistan to address this urgent need by preparing midwives to save lives every day, funding postnatal vaccinations, and teaching basic life-saving skills in communities. Too many deaths are caused by lack of knowledge about the birthing process. Sarah says, “We are training community leaders to identify warning signs during pregnancy, practical birthing skills, and how to properly care for newborns.”  Because of the power of networking and relationship, this knowledge will spread throughout communities and basic life-saving skills will become common knowledge.

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Founder, Saving Moses



She and her husband are Senior Pastors, Orchard Road Christian Center in Denver, CO

Marilyn Hickey’s daughter

has ministered in over 50 countries and across the U.S.

Co-host of Today with Marilyn and Sarah, daily TV program which broadcasts to 130 countries


MA, Univ. of Missouri at Kansas City

Husband: Reece

Mother of 3 teenagers


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