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Surviving a Job Loss

In the blink of an eye, John was out of a job. He and his wife Cathy needed more than money; they needed a miracle.


John Koetter worked for almost 30 years with the same company. Then one day, they closed their doors, and he and his wife Cathy found themselves adrift in an unstable job market. John was able to find work, but after only three years, that company closed as well. John and Cathy made a big decision…. “I asked my wife, ‘Honey, would you like to start a business or should I get a job working for somebody else and starting at the bottom?’ We prayed about it, and we decided to start the business for ourselves.” But starting a motor repair business turned out to be more of a challenge than John and Cathy had realized. Cathy says, “We ended up using most of our bank account toward setting up the business, and what little remained we had to live on. We weren’t receiving any money from the business as of yet, and it got down to our last $300 in the bank. All of our business bills were due; all of our personal bills were due. We owed thousands of dollars at that point.” But even in the midst of hardship, John and Cathy kept tithing and giving to the 700 Club. “All during that time, I just spoke and declared God’s faithfulness and His provision,” Cathy recalls. “I quoted scriptures like: ‘God shall supply all our needs, according to His riches in Christ Jesus.’” Several days went by and then something amazing happened. Cathy continues, “All of a sudden, the checks came in. We were never late on one bill. We were able to pay all our bills just in the nick of time." John adds, “They didn’t only come in -- they came in early. The normal thing is three months. You’ll go out, do the work, and three months later, you’ll receive the check. But they said, ‘We know you’re starting your business, so here’s the money early.’ It was just flabbergasting to me.” Today, the Koetters’ business is growing and so is their giving. “Those that are faithful, God’s gonna allow more prosperity in their lives, ‘cause He’s trusting them,” John says. “’You’ve done well. I’ll give you more, so you can do more.’ He’s done that with us.” Cathy says, “We’ve seen the faithfulness of God through all of this, and I will never fear lack again. We could be down to our last dollar, and I know that the Lord will continue to provide for us. We do our part, He does his. And that’s the awesome God we serve.” John and Cathy saw the rewards of applying the Law of Reciprocity -- "Give and it shall be given to you" -- by giving to CBN. Here is your chance to give to the Lord and see your dollars bring truth to hurting people, feed and clothe needy children, keep The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center phone lines operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide medical care to those who need a tangible touch of God's love. Become a CBN partner today!


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