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Living in a secular world puts great pressure on Christians who desire to live out their faith in the workplace. The lifestyle they choose will either authenticate or refute their faith. Because maintaining integrity on the job is often lonely and open to scorn, some Christians allow their witness to be silenced where it is needed most - in the workplace. Often a hostile environment, the workplace is for Christians:

  • The aspect of life that takes the most amount of time (50-60 percent).
  • The place that determines how they feel about themselves.
  • The most important place to build bridges with non-Christians.
  • The place of greatest conflict and difficulty.

Although these statements are true, the church is often silent on the issue of work. The lack of teaching and support has led to a situation where millions of workers go to work each day unaided and unchallenged by the Word of God. Careers By The Book addresses the whole gamut of work-related issues. First, it discusses the serious problems resulting from a non-biblical view of work. Next, it presents a theology of work that corresponds to Scripture's overall teaching. This is the core of the course. Finally, it examines the practical implications that flow from this view - job selection, conflict resolution, lifestyle, and relationships. In the last lesson, some practical tips are given on how to get the job for which God has designed you.

When you have completed this course, you will feel significant, confident, and motivated to apply your faith on the job. Once you make the connection between your daily work and God's plan for your life, you will realize just how much your work really matters to God!


Your instructor for this course is Doug Sherman, founder and past president of Career Impact Ministries. Doug is currently the chairman for Career Impact Ministries. Doug is a graduate of the Air Force Academy (B.S.) and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.). He is married and the father of three children. While completing his seminary training, Doug started Career Impact Ministries (CIM). This Christian organization helps business and professional people integrate their faith into their careers. CIM's goal is to make issues such as integrity, the balance between work and family, and witnessing to coworkers topics of recurring discussion and teaching. CIM's view is that daily work, which meets legitimate needs, truly matters to God. Doug is also the principal author of: How to Balance Competing Time Demands, How to Succeed Where It Really Counts, and Keeping Your Ethical Edge Sharp. His other book is How to Keep Your Head Up When Your Job's Got You Down. They are published by NavPress. His video series entitled Your Work Matters to God has been used by more than two thousand church and business groups. Doug is a dynamic speaker in great demand and regularly speaks to groups ranging from churches to corporate leaders.

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