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Guidance by the Book

Making major decisions in a world filled with numerous options can often be distressing and overwhelming. Ready answers abound - from the logical to the super spiritual. Advisors range from well‑meaning friends to spiritual gurus. The temptation to follow one's own desires or the daily horoscopes is always present. But people need more than superficial answers. Christians, in particular, yearn to know God's will for their lives. In their earnest searching, certain questions arise:

· Does God lead supernaturally?

· How valid is personal prophecy?

· Is putting out a fleece legitimate?

· Can I trust an open door? A closed door?

· Do certain people have authority over my decisions?

"Guidance By The Book" addresses these questions from a biblical perspective. As a result, you will discover that the key to unlocking God's will is an attitude of willingness. Furthermore, "Guidance" examines the importance of Scripture, prayer, ability, and personal desire in the process of decision-making. Upon completing "Guidance By The Book," you will have the necessary skills for making major decisions in accordance with God's will. And as you comprehend the depth of His love for you, decisions will take on new meaning. You can confidently seek God's will, knowing that He will do everything possible to guide you.


Your instructor for this course is M. Blaine Smith, founder and director of Nehemiah Ministries. Smith is a graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Fuller Theological Seminary (D.Min.). He is married and the father of two children. Formerly the director of a contemporary music group, "Sons of Thunder," Smith still uses his musical gift in ministry. He is a former assistant minister of Memorial Pres­byterian Church in St. Louis and has written books including One of a Kind and Should I Get Married?  Smith is a former columnist for InterVarsity's His magazine. Nehemiah Ministries was a Christian resource organization that sponsored seminars on self‑image, motivation, and finding God's will. Smith is a well‑known lecturer and con­ference speaker, whose workshops are in great demand in churches and on college campuses.


Beginning each chapter is a verse from a great hymn that deals with guidance. Hymns can express deeply felt emotions in a few lines. Their words and music are a part of the heritage of the church - encouraging, discipline, comforting, and guiding. Therefore, as you read these verses, look for their great spiritual truth. A Light Unto My Path appears at the end of each lesson. Read these scripture verses aloud, contemplating how they apply to the Lord's guidance in your life. You may want to memorize them. As you seek guidance in a particular area, you can then recall what God has already said in His Word.

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