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The Bible is a book that even a child can understand; yet it is also a very complex book. Philip's question to the Ethiopian traveler is always a timely one: "Do you understand what you are reading?" (Acts 8:30). Which of us has not needed help in understanding the Bible? Before Living By The Book was inaugurated, a survey was conducted to discover what issues were uppermost in the minds of our potential students. The number one question raised was: "How do I learn to understand for myself what the Bible is saying?" This course contains key principles designed to help you do just that!

In "Studying The Book" you will learn about the history and formation of Scripture and investigate the different forms of biblical literature. You will discover solid reasons why the Bible is the most unique, influential, and trustworthy book in history. Most of all, you will come to appreciate the Bible as God's "love letter" to us, His children. 

As you work through the thirty-five lessons contained in this course, you will become familiar with effective study techniques that open up new levels of scriptural understanding. You will learn the foundational principles of good Bible study, along with techniques that may be used for specialized types of study. In the process, you will master the use of different Bible translations and study tools. As a result, you will gain the ability to "mine" Scripture for life-changing wisdom and guidance.

It is sometimes claimed that the Bible can be made to support any position or opinion, and that the substance of its message varies from reader to reader. If these statements were true, the Bible could not act as a timeless guide to knowing God's nature and will. But these claims are not true. As you will discover, there are key historical, grammatical, and theological principles that govern biblical interpretation. Knowing and abiding by these "rules of the road" will allow you to unlock the authentic meaning of Scripture and avoid the faulty interpretation practiced by cults and theological fringe groups.  

Finally, you will be taught how to implement the truths of Scripture systematically in your daily life. As you learn to apply biblical principles in contemporary living, you can use your newfound knowledge to dynamite the spiritual "logjams" that block your spiritual growth. Prepare yourself to touch and to be touched by the wisdom and power of God in a new and exciting way! With a deepened knowledge of God"s Word comes real power to start living by the Book.


Your instructors for this course are Dr. David  J. Gyertson (Ph.D., Michigan State University), Mark W. Wilson (M.A., Regent University), and Walter A. Henrichsen (M.Div., Western Theological Seminary).

David Gyertson is the designer and general editor of Living By The Book. A native of Canada, he is an ordained minister in the Free Methodist Church. He has held senior-level positions in broadcasting, management, human resource development, public relations, fund-raising, and strategic planning with educational institutions and charitable and parachurch organizations. David has served as Dean of Students and as a professor in the schools of business, education, and biblical studies at Regent University; executive vice-president of Christian Broadcasting Associates of Canada; and corporate chaplain for the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Dr. Mark Wilson (D.Litt. et Phil., South Africa) is the supervisory editor of Living By The Book. He served as a missionary/teacher at Central Indian Bible College, Mobridge, South Dakota. He has worked closely with Dr. J. Rodman Williams in the preparation of the three-volume Renewal Theology. Mark is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Society for Pentecostal Studies. His writings regularly appear in Christian magazines.

Walter Henrichsen is an ordained minister in the Reformed Church of America and was associated with the Navigators for twenty years. He currently works with the Leadership Foundation, a ministry to laity based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His home is in El Cajon, California. 


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