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COVID-19 and a Hurricane—No Match for Your Love!

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Lake Charles, LA

The COVID-19 outbreak hit America hard. When category four hurricane Laura ripped through Louisiana, things went from bad to worse.

“It's like a double punch it’s the old one-two” says Craig. “You get the COVID then you get the hurricane, and it was our year, I guess. And literally, the place looked like a bomb went off.”

Ronald says, “Lake Charles people have lost just about everything–business too. So, my heart goes out to them and myself and my family.”

“There's been no water” says Pastor Jerry Snider. “There's been no electricity now for days.

With no electricity for several weeks, everyone’s perishable food went bad fast. 

Suzone says, “we had to stay on long lines to get food for COVID and everything, and then this hit, and it's terrible.

Pastor Jerry Snider and his wife, Hope, partnered with Operation Blessing to host a food and supplies distribution at their church. 

“We're giving out fresh produce, we're giving out products that they need to clean, we're giving out food, trash bags, dog food, all the things that they need” says Pastor Hope Snider. “One of our core values is that unity builds community and that's what we're here as a church to do.”

Ronald says, “when you have churches like this that step up their game to another level and help all these people, that's a blessing of God for this church to be doing this.”

Thanks to the prayers and support of Operation Blessing donors, families in Lake Charles were able to get the food and supplies they needed to take their first steps towards recovery.

Pastor Hope Snider says, “We are so blessed to be here as a church doing what Jesus would want us to do.”

“You all are a Godsend” says Craig. “Y'all are doing God's work.”

Suzone says, “it means a lot, it really does.”

“Thank you, Operation Blessing” says Pastor Jerry Snider. “Thank you, every partner, that sows, that gives, that cares. You absolutely are the heart of Jesus. I believe that, and we feel it right here in southwest Louisiana and Christian World. We want you to know, thank you, we love you.”

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