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Paul Tittl was raised in church but never felt God was real or interested in him until the day he heard a message that changed his mind...and his heart. 


It’s a celebration 90 years in the making.  See how one man made broadcast history and changed the face of America while inspiring hundreds of millions along the way. Join us as we celebrate Dr. Pat Robertson’s 90th birthday!


You can combat disease internally, through your body’s own immune system—your gut! Learn how in this important News Alert.  Download now!

Today's Scripture
Luke 7:35
"But wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it."

Today's Devotion
Preparing for Easter During a Pandemic

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CBN News

CBN News has learned that President Trump, Vice President Pence and Secretary Ben Carson spoke to hundreds of pastors on a conference call Friday afternoon, with President Trump specifically asking them to pray for, “stamina” and for the, “health of our country.”

700 Club Interactive

Dr. David Perlmutter shares what to do to protect your health and build your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak.

CBN Ministries

A missionary returned to his homeland of Senegal, Africa, to find the soil dry and barren, and he struggled to make a difference. Then came an unexpected outpouring of love from the four corners of the world!

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