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Simone believed she was doing good by pursuing the highest level of the occult until she realized she had become an ambassador for evil. Learn more about her amazing testimony and transformation. 


Director Erin Zimmerman discusses the CBN film, "Written in Stone: The House of David," which takes viewers to archeological sites in Israel and Jordan and renowned museums that confirm the history of the Bible. 


In Dr. Tony Evans’ book, “Kingdom Men Rising,” he urges men to embrace their full potential by pursuing the Kingdom of God. 


Operation Blessing paid for Samwell and Asinari to receive life-changing surgery so they can walk with ease.

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Wednesday night marked the beginning of Israel’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day for the 6 million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis.

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Georgian Banov will discuss growing up in communist Bulgaria, his escape and journey to the US where he was led to the Lord.

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Ten-year-old Enoc and his family’s only source of water was a creek with contaminated water. His prayer was simple: “God, please give us clean water.” God answered that prayer and more—for Enoc, his family, and their community.

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