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Cory and Carolyn were newlyweds only two weeks before a medical emergency. Carolyn believed in tithing, but their debt soon ballooned to half a million dollars. See how God’s way paved a path to financial freedom!


Some people didn’t believe the boys were twins. ZheJun had a cleft lip and palate which left him sick, weak and thin. The expensive surgery would take years to save for. This family had no hope—until CBN partners made a way! 


Dulari was cooking for her family when her sari caught fire. Her legs and back were badly burned. She was in agony, bedridden for nine months, and could barely sit down. She needed multiple surgeries, but there was only money for food—nothing else. Learn how you stepped in and changed her life.


Imagine starting a marriage with combined debt over $100K. That’s Jamie and Jenna’s story. They mapped out a pay-off plan and it ended better than they ever thought possible. Find out their strategy.

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America's biggest corporations are increasingly adopting the ideology known as "wokeness" at the expense of their employees and beyond. One author hopes his new book will wake up Americans from this poisonous dream. 

700 Club Interactive

700 Club Interactive’s Ashley Key and Gordon Robertson share their perspective on walking in the spirit.

CBN Ministries

When Kevin retired from the military, he knew God was calling him and his wife to start a church. But with no military housing and vehicles that needed repair, the financial realities were overwhelming. Then you stepped in and made a way for them to follow God’s plan.

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