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Pregnant and suffering with Covid-19, Autumn Carver, delivers her baby while she fights for her life in ICU. Doctors give her zero chance of survival. So, how is this wife and mom of three here to tell her story?  


Marcy Gregg, a wife and mother, loses all memory past the age of 17 due to meningitis. Struggling internally, she turns to alcohol to cope with the pain of no recollection until God places His perspective on her heart. 


For Robin, a lifetime of drug use and crime culminates in time behind bars, serving as a period of reflection and a determination to make lasting lifestyle changes. 


Historian, William Federer, sits down with the 700 Club to discuss his new book, co-written with wife Susie Federer, "Miracles in American History-Gift Edition," that celebrates the winning events praying American men and women experienced to make America the great and independent nation it is today. 

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In her book new book, Faith Still Moves Mountains: Miraculous Stories of the Healing Power of Prayer, Fox News host Harris Faulkner reminds readers that God's light always shines through dark times. 

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After years of insecurity and alcoholism, Paige Eilertson wanted to take her own life. She felt God speak, and decided to take a step toward Him instead.

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As a single mother, Emily does everything she can to support her daughter Addie—even working two jobs to pay the bills. However, when COVID-19 hit, businesses shut down, affecting the places where Emily worked. Her hours were cut, and she was laid off from her second job. Fear set in as Emily wondered how she would provide for her daughter. Then, Emily discovered a community assistance center that partners with CBN’s Operation Blessing. Thanks to caring partners like you, Emily received groceries to help her through this time of hardship. 

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