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Shanea Stratchan never expected dabbling in New Age and the occult would put her in the hospital. It took prayer and the power of Christ to restore her. 


In his new book, Mantled for Greatness, pastor and author, Joshua Giles, provides a much-needed dose of inspiration for people to pursue their God-given dreams by sharing his own experiences as he has answered and trusted God's calling on his life. 


American couple, Tony and Sarah Witbrod, proceed with plans to bring two special needs babies home as Russian troops invade Ukraine. 


After a successful high risk surgery removed a ping pong ball sized tumor from the center of his brain, Jay believed he was safe. One year later he faced a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer and discovered a new strength in God.

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Following Israel's partial pullout from south Gaza, more attention is being turned to the northern border threat from Hezbollah. In the latest development, the Israeli military is announcing a move from defense to attack mode.

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Author Ruth Chou Simons discusses her new book, “Now and Not Yet.” Ruth reminds us that God is actively working even when it doesn’t look like the progress we’re desiring.

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Asha was on the verge of taking her own life because she could not support her three children on her own, but she learned of Orphan's Promise, and is now thriving because of generous donations provided by Orphan's Promise.

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