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Caught in the vicious cycle of addiction, Tanya’s wake-up call came when she was struck by a car and nearly paralyzed. Watch how Tanya comes to terms with herself and how she broke free to live a joy-filled life.


College running back, Emmanuel Crawford, was sold into slavery by his Ghanaian parents when he was just three years old. Watch how the hand of God intervenes to use his birthplace as a backdrop for his future success on the playing field of American football. 


Referencing her own backdrop of setbacks, coach Darleen Santore, or “Coach Dar,” teaches others how to bounce back after trials to achieve great victories in both personal and professional manners. In her book, “The Art of Bouncing Back,” she provides proven strategies and methods on how to overcome mental and emotional barriers to achieve the purpose, dreams, and goals for one’s life. 


Actress, producer, and best-selling author, Roma Downey, shares quotes and excerpts from her new devotional, “Be an Angel,” on how we can encourage others, create circumstances to spread kindness, and lift each other up. 

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Heart disease is America's leading cause of death, accounting for 20 percent of all fatalities.  In fact, the CDC estimates one person dies every 34 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.

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John Bevere shares how a healthy, holy fear of God can lead to a path of authentic relationship and transform your life. His latest book is titled, "The Awe of God."

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When 10-year-old Dao and her little brother went to live with their grandmother, the transition was difficult. As a result, Dao began to rebel. But that all changed when she attended church and learned about Job through CBN Animation’s Superbook. Watch the love of God transform her heart! 

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