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Having endured three miscarriages, Elena Robles had all but given up on her dream of having a baby with her husband. When she went to a women’s conference, she didn’t even want to ask for prayer for herself, but God saw her heart and intervened.  


Businessman, pastor and author, Michael Phillips, grew up working hard to prove his teachers wrong, often exceling in everything he put his mind to. Now, he has made it his purpose to advocate for education reform so that no child is hindered in their potential and ability to succeed. 


Sheila grew up knowing she could ask God anything, at any time. In her new children’s book, “Is God Still Awake,” she encourages young readers to trust God fully with the knowledge that He is always present and available to hear and answer their every prayer.  


Suffering from a hernia that kept getting larger, 8-year-old Rea got to the point that he could not eat because of the pain. His parents could not afford surgery to repair the hernia but took a chance on the provision of Operation Blessing. As a result of compassionate donors who funded Rea's surgery, Rea now plays and eats like any healthy, growing boy! 

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It's now up to the states whether to ban, allow, or restrict abortion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, not to mention so-called "self managed" abortions.

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Guillaume was a French atheist and also very successful as a software engineer in finance, a musician, and a volleyball player. Yet a chance encounter with a beautiful woman would change the way he thought about his life and beliefs forever.

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In Berdyansk, 9-year-old Karolina enjoyed a peaceful life surrounded by the love of her family—until Russian military invaded the Orphan’s Promise children’s home where she lived. But your kindness helped provide a way out of the war zone, providing food and comfort to refugees escaping the mayhem. Because of CBN partners, Karolina and her family are now safe from the conflict.

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