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Dad, Who Is God?

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Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

9-year-old Krishna still remembers how he went with his dad to the Hindu festivals and shrines to pray.

“I remember saying some Hindu prayers and pouring water on the offerings at the statues,” said Krishna. “When I was in the kindergarten I asked my dad, ‘Dad, who is God?’  I was confused. Sometimes I would think, ‘What is dad doing?’”

Krishna had other questions. 

“Every time we prayed I asked myself, “What does god really looklike? Does he look like the statues or the pictures?” 

Then Krishna went to an after school program near his home.  That’s where he watched the CBN’s Superbook episode The Fiery Furnace.

“Their names are Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego,” said the 9-year-old proudly.  “They were ordered to worship the king’s statue but they refused! They believed that God would cover and protect them.”

What happened next astounded his teacher.  

“I remember Krishna suddenly raised his hand and asked, ‘Does that mean that we shouldn’t be worshipping statues or idols?’ his teacher reported.  “So I told him that we must only worship the Lord Jesus who created heaven and earth.”  

After receiving the answer, Krishna made a decision.  

“I raised my hand because I wanted to receive Jesus as savior in my heart.”

Krishna now loves to share about Superbook and Jesus with his family.  And he’s praying for his dad and grandparents to know Jesus too.

“I am so grateful that I learned that we must only worship the lord Jesus,” he said. “Thank you for sharing Superbook with me!"

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