CBN News Daily Rundown May 6, 2019

CBN News Daily Rundown May 6, 2019

CBN News Daily Rundown May 6, 2019

The US is deploying military resources to the Middle East in response to intelligence that Iran and its proxy terrorist forces are potentially preparing to attack US military personnel stationed in the region. 

CBN News International Correspondent George Thomas breaks it down today on the CBN News Daily Rundown.

"This is sending a military message and a warning to the Islamic regime that 'listen if you try to launch any attacks against US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria – we will respond accordingly and we have the military might of the US military, backed by our allies in the region, to serve notice to you,'" Thomas says.

This comes as the Islamic Republic sounds internal alarms about a growing number of Iranians leaving Islam and converting to Christianity.

"Iran looks at Christianity as a western import. They see it as a faith that is not indigenous to Iran and so they attach Christianity to the west and they see Christianity as a way to undermine the Islamic framework, the texture of Iran," Thomas continues. 

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