CBN News Daily Rundown August 30, 2019

CBN News Daily Rundown August 30, 2019

CBN News Daily Rundown August 30, 2019

Lights, camera, action!!! 

Today's podcast takes a look at how entertainment news is an essential part of the Christian's diet.  "I used to laugh at entertainment reporters when I was a student journalist and say 'they don't do real news, I want to do real hard news," said CBN News Anchor and Entertainment Correspondent Efrem Graham.  Then something changed once he arrived at CBN News, started covering the entertainment beat and a realization set in.  "The entertainment world is a place where so many opportunities to share the gospel can happen," Efrem says.  His beat has now evolved into a weekly show called Studio 5.  However, there have been bumps in the road as some of his stories have been met with rebuke.  Efrem talks about that and much more in today's episode.

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