All Eyes on Mayor Pete

All Eyes on Mayor Pete

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (AP Photo)
All Eyes on Mayor Pete

Pete Buttigieg may not be the official front-runner in the Democratic primary, but CBN News chief political analyst, David Brody, says there’s no doubt the attacks in tonight’s debate will be aimed in his direction.

“He’s a great candidate…he reminds me of Barack Obama back in 2007…from a cadence perspective, from a generational perspective, from an uplifting perspective and boy, he’s able to kind of weave a narrative…and he’s brought in faith, Barack Obama brought in faith as well, and he’s able to do it in this kind of progressive, compassionate Matthew 25 type of gospel that we’ve heard before,” Brody said of Buttigieg.

Listen in to today's CBN News Daily Rundown as Brody shares his expectations for tonight's fifth Democratic debate. 

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