Behind the Scenes with Justice Neil Gorsuch

Behind the Scenes with Justice Neil Gorsuch

Behind the Scenes with Justice Neil Gorsuch

Justice Neil Gorsuch recently sat down to speak with CBN News Senior Washington correspondent, Jennifer Wishon, about his new book, A Republic, If You Can Keep It.  She was given strict guidelines for the interview and told to stick only to topics he wrote about. However, there’s not much in the book about his faith and she felt that was something she needed to ask him about.

“I spoke to his staff before the interview and at first they were a little leery because Justice Gorsuch thinks his faith is very personal, as many people do, but then after some time they came back to me and told me that he would be willing to answer one question about his faith,” Wishon said on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown.

Listen in to hear how Gorsuch says his faith has sustained him throughout his career and about a special moment during his Supreme Court nomination process when God provided exactly what he needed at just the right moment.


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