A Tale of Two Knees

A Tale of Two Knees

Co-workers praying for Ed Morano before his surgery
A Tale of Two Knees

"Look at him go!!"  That's all anyone could say who witnessed CBN DC's Manager of Engineering at this year's Christmas Party.  Indeed, Ed Morano was cutting the proverbial rug.  And while such slicing may not seem that noteworthy, it is when you consider Ed underwent knee surgery just this year.  In fact, it was his second knee replacement.  So, what may have seemed like a man just "busting a move," in his heart Ed was rejoicing in this physical manifestation of the healing power of God.  In this episode of the CBN News Daily Rundown, Ed shares how his relationship with the Lord made a tangible difference in the experience he had with his second knee replacement surgery compared to the first one.  By the way, the picture you see here are Ed's co-workers praying for him just before his surgery.  That alone, he says, was a huge game changer!  Hit play to hear his inspiring testimony.

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