The Free Burma Rangers

Dave Eubank with Free Burma Rangers Saves Iraqi Girl, Screen Capture
The Free Burma Rangers

A documentary about a missionary family that chooses to work on the frontlines of war zones airs for free on Facebook tonight. Dave Eubank has led his team, known as the Free Burma Rangers, to the battlefields of Burma, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan to provide emergency medical care, food, shelter, and prayer.

CBN News contributor Chuck Holton has been reporting on and working with, Eubank for the last 13 years.

“If you spend your life looking for comfort and security, you’ll probably miss out on the calling that God has for you. Dave has a motto, I guess, that he says all the time. He says, ‘I will not be driven by comfort or fear,’” Holton said on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown.

“The biggest lesson that I get from the Holy Spirit when I go out with Dave Eubank is that idea that I won’t be motivated by the things that motivate most people. I won’t be motivated and driven by comfort. The idea that ‘hey you could get hurt doing this, so let’s not do it,’ doesn’t enter into their thinking. The idea is more, ‘is this what we are being called to do?’”

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