'Holy Spirit Hunch' Saves Lives in Beirut Blast

Beirut rocked by an explosion on August 4, 2020 (Image: video screen capture)
'Holy Spirit Hunch' Saves Lives in Beirut Blast

The story of a Lebanese pastor, who listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit and saved many lives on the day of a massive explosion in Beirut, is catching a lot of attention on the CBN News web page. 

"I think what I love about this story and the reason that it is trending so well is that people love knowing that we are not alone and that God is so intimately involved in our lives," CBN's Wendy Griffith said. "And I love that the Holy Spirit loves us enough, that he will alert us to danger and in this case, it saved many lives."

Wendy spoke with Pastor Said Deeb about God's simple instruction that saved nearly 300 people and she's on today's episode. 




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