'Let Us Worship'

Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot/Sean Feucht
'Let Us Worship'

There's a move of God happening in our country right now. 

Worship, praise, baptism, and even healings are exploding in cities across the country. 

The "Let Us Worship" events led by Sean Feucht and "Riots to Revivals" led by Dr. Charles Karuku are just a few that are happening in states like California, Massachusetts, Florida, and soon Washington D.C. 

CBN News' Digital Producer Andrea Morris has been covering this movement the moment it all started and she's on today's episode to share how she finds inspiration in telling these stories. 

"I think they are yearning for hope and I think, for me, that is something that I get out of writing these stories," she said. "I'll be honest, I get emotional when I am watching these videos...it's absolutely beautiful what is happening at these events."

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