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“Dirty Job” Goes Wrong

Julie Blim - 700 Club Producer

It’s one of those “dirty jobs” one might see on reality TV. Hard-working Kenny of La Marque, Texas gets paid to do it every day.

“We go out and we take care of restaurants and the grease traps - as small as a 30-gallon trap, it could be up to – you know, thousands of gallons. We scrape the walls and, you know, do what we need to do to clean them.”

In March of 2018, Kenny was trying to raise a trap lid that weighed well over a hundred pounds. The lift hook was broken, so he used a shovel to pry it up.

“I tried to get my hand underneath the thing before I got impatient, but for some reason it slipped out of the shovel and the lid fell down and kinda pinched my hand and my fingers inside of the grease trap, and I thought, ‘You know what? This is not – this isn't good at all.’"

While Kenny’s fingers weren’t crushed, his right hand was stuck. With his calls for help drowned out by his truck’s engine noise, Kenny did what he had to do.

“I used everything I had and yanked my arm out of – my hand out of the grease trap. And in doing so I pulled tendons or something.”
By the next morning, the pain in his hand and arm had set in.

“I didn't have the strength to hold that hose anymore, you know? ‘Cause it was just a constant pain. And so I kinda had to, you know compensate for that and use both hands.”

Kenny used over-the-counter pain pills for months. Still, it was a challenge just to climb into his work truck.
“You hang on with your right arm and swing yourself into the truck. Kinda like a little jungle gym thing. And so with my injury that wasn't any fun either. It made my job slower and made things more of a struggle. And even at home, anything that I did at home was difficult for me to do.”

Four months after the injury, Kenny was watching The 700 Club with his wife, Julie.

“When Gordon was praying, the first thing he started, ‘Somebody with
their …. ‘“

GORDON: “There’s someone you got problems with your - it’s primarily in your right hand, there’s pain, your tendons are constricting, and there’s nodules. God is able, He’s dissolving all of that, He’s giving new movement to the tendons, just stretch forth your hand, open it completely, and realize you don’t have that pain anymore.”

“And so I stretched out my arm and I immediately noticed, just holding it out there would normally be painful. I had no pain. I mean, I was just blown away by it.  Honestly – I haven't had any pain since.  It's brought me closer to God. We can't contain the love of God, and that was just again God showing, ‘I'm here. I hear your prayers and I love you.’"

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