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Do You Follow a Selfie or Success Mindset?

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer
Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer

Jordan and Erin work hard and play hard.  They stay fit; love a good meal; and like many millennials, they go on-line a lot and stay connected through social media.  But both admit they need to be careful because it’s easy to get sucked into a “selfie” mind-set.

Jordan explains, “There’s just a lot of self, a lot of people just trying to get and gather and absorb as much as they can for their self-interests.  And to look good, as far as outfits or where they live, what car they drive.  Everyone is hyper competitive and everyone’s trying to get ahead.”

The couple try hard to stay focused on other things.  Erin says, “We prioritized when we first got married God is number one and then family number two and then our jobs and career number three.”

And while they’re very successful real estate brokers, their goal isn’t to build a big bank account so they can buy things for themselves.  Instead, they choose to invest in promoting God and giving to others.

“I believe that’s what the Lord’s put me here for,” Jordan shares.

The couple tithe to their church and are CBN partners. They increase their giving to CBN on a regular basis.  Jordan candidly reveals, “I made a covenant in my heart with the Lord that I would give 5% more a year and in doing that, it was kind of a step of faith and I realized, ‘Well he really is my provider like we all know so I can trust him with these extra little bits every month and every year.’”     

Since giving more, they’ve seen their profits consistently increase for the past six years.  Jordan and Erin credit their success to God and encourage others to put God first in their lives and give.

“We’re not any different or any more special than the guy next to us,” Jordan confesses.  “I think we’ve just found this key to the kingdom in a way to partner with God in what He’s doing on this earth.  I believe the Lord is looking for those on earth to partner with.”

Erin adds, “I think it’s about your heart position towards the Lord and the thing that you’re giving to.”

The couple especially likes giving to CBN because CBN social media shares stories of God’s love. 

“I repost them on my Facebook,” Erin says.  “It’s just like a nice tool that the Lord’s using nowadays, that the Lord’s using to plant sees in people and reach out to them.”

“I just know in my life that the Lord, He’s filled me with his love and his spirit and it just makes me come alive,” Jordan shares. “So if I can partner with God in bringing that same message to millions of people across the world through what CBN is doing, then that’s—what an amazing opportunity and privilege.”

He concludes, “I would encourage others to partner with CBN because it really has brought so much blessing to our lives.  There’s honestly no better ministry to give to as far as Christian ministries.”

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