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Drought Plus Pandemic Equals Extreme Hunger

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Lauguna Seca, Estado de Mexico

The farming community in Lauguna Seca, Mexico where Maria lives with her husband and son was already struggling with drought. Then the pandemic hit, and it made it even harder for them economically.  

“Every day I woke up to the same problem. How am I going to feed my son, Adair? I need to buy tortillas and rice, but I only have enough money for one thing,” she told The 700 Club.   

Some days Maria’s husband cannot find any work, which means no money for food that day.  

“When my husband left in the morning I could tell he was worried. And when he came back without food, I felt his desperation,” she said.    

No matter what, the couple always tried to feed Adair first. “Every day, when he wakes up he asks for a taco, or soup, or rice. That’s when I start to worry. I try to distract him by playing with him, but it only works for a few minutes,” recalled Maria. 

When Operation Blessing learned about the family, we delivered more than 120 pounds of rice, beans, oats, and other groceries to ease the family’s need for food.

We also helped Maria and other families in her community to set up a gardens where they will able to grow food on the land where they live.  

“This has been such a huge help, I’m speechless,” declared Maria. “Thank you for lending a hand.”     

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