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Author of numerous books; Latest: Experiencing the Supernatural, Chosen, 2018

Host of TV show, Discovering the Jewish Jesus, which broadcasts in a million homes in the US and in 200 countries around the world

Leads Lion of Judah World Outreach Center

Wife: Cynthia

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Rabbi Schneider was raised in a strong Jewish family in Cleveland, Ohio and was bar mitzvah at 13.  He says most Jewish people are secular and identify Judaism as a way of life.  “With many Jewish people, it is very important to be identified with the Jewish culture, but it doesn’t necessarily define their belief in God,” says Rabbi Schneider, who knew nothing about Jesus growing up. Rabbi Schneider started wrestling in 7th grade and later received a small wrestling scholarship to the University of Tampa.  Unsatisfied and struggling with his purpose in life, Rabbi Schneider dropped out of college to start a disco.  Without investors, Rabbi Schneider needed to earn money, so he started selling encyclopedias door to door.  Eventually he was promoted to sales manager and given a team to train.  One night, one of the other sales managers showed Rabbi Schneider a book about a yogi from India.  The book described the supernatural things this yogi could do, including levitating off the ground!  Rabbi Schneider said, “God, if this is real, this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.”  

One summer night in 1978, Rabbi Schneider, then 20, says the Lord woke him up from his sleep.  “In an instant, Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMaschiach) appeared on the cross,” says Rabbi Schneider.  It appeared as if Rabbi Schneider was seeing this vision from a distance, including the terrain and the people at the cross.  Suddenly a ray of red light from the sky beamed onto Jesus’ head. Rabbi Schneider realized that God had just revealed Himself to him and that Jesus (Yeshua) was the way to God.  “No one ever witnessed to me about Jesus and I had never read the New Testament,” says Rabbi Schneider. “When I woke up, I realized God translated me to a time to visibly witness Yeshua being crucified.”  Later when he read Luke 23:49, Rabbi Schneider discovered that it was a description of the people who knew Jesus who were standing at a distance from the crucifixion.  

Rabbi Schneider was so excited about receiving this vision and thought others would feel the same.  He started telling his entire family. At first, they didn’t react much, but later they panicked as Rabbi Schneider told everyone he knew about Jesus.  His parents hired a deprogrammer and took Rabbi Schneider to a hotel under the guise they were meeting a man about opening a restaurant.  When Rabbi Schneider walked into the room, the door shut behind them and a man began talking to him about cults.  Eventually they left the hotel but the next day, his parents took him to a rehabilitation house for two weeks.  After returning home, Rabbi Schneider decided to be less vocal about his faith.  His parents hired a psychiatrist to evaluate him and was successful at committing Rabbi Schneider to a hospital psych ward for two months.  

It took Rabbi Schneider several months to get back on his feet after his release.  “God in His faithfulness strengthened me, led me onward and upward,” he says.  His parents eventually threw him out of their house and he lost all his friends.  Still, Rabbi Schneider’s faith never wavered.  Rabbi Schneider left home without money and worked odd jobs in Texas and California before heading back to Cleveland.  He met his wife, Cynthia, and they married in 1983.  He enrolled in Bible college and graduated in 1985.  Rabbi Schneider began ministering in a mainline denomination then decided to take a sabbatical from ministry.  He took a job in sales before the Lord supernaturally opened the door for him to start a traveling ministry called Shalom Ministries International where Rabbi Schneider ministered to churches about the Jewish roots of Christian faith.  He became the rabbi of Adat Adonai Messianic Synagogue in Michigan.

Now Rabbi Schneider, he shares how he went to churches for 10 years looking for God and His supernatural power.  The Lord said to him, “…You’re looking for Me on the outside.  You don’t understand that I’m already in you.” Rabbi Schneider says we spend too much time looking for God in the natural world which is why we miss so much of the supernatural experience.  “I stopped running all over the place and simply sat before Him,” says Rabbi Schneider. “He helped me become aware that the supernatural expression of His Kingdom starts with His presence within my own heart.”  

Rabbi Schneider says there are five application steps that will allow us to go higher in the supernatural experience of being able to discern His voice and be led by His Spirit.

  1. Become self-aware.  We need to live life from within.  Pay attention to the inner witness of our hearts.  Become more aware of what is going on inside us as opposed to being more connected to the outer world.
  2. Act on what you hear.  To be led by the Spirit, we must be able to discern the peace of God.  If we do not have peace about something, wait before moving forward.  Abiding in God’s peace is a sure way to be fruitful and to see supernatural results from your actions.
  3. Realize your senses are being trained.  Sometimes we have a clear sense that we are hearing from God, but other times we are not sure.  If our hearts are right and if we are stepping out in trust, God will train our senses.  When God gives us illumination and we act on it, more is given and we enter into God’s power and presence more and more
  4. Let go of the pressure to perform.  There is no satisfaction in faking a supernatural experience.  If we are going to experience the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit, we cannot give in to the pressure to try to make it happen.  
  5. Beware a seared conscience.  If we are missing the mark and walking in rebellion and continue to reject God’s guidance and leading, the rebellion can spread in our hearts like poison.  Those who close off their hearts to the love of God seal their own fate.  If we continue, the Bible tells us that our consciences can become seared.  

Signs, wonders and miracles are special acts of God that signify His supernatural intervention in the natural. “Although our faith does not rest first and foremost in signs, but rather in the Word, signs are not to be ignored,” says Rabbi who began experiencing health issues as he turned 60 years old.  He was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.  “I got sick and tired of looking at my medicine every morning,” says Rabbi Schneider.  “I decided to step out in faith to believe God for my healing.  As I persisted and hung onto God’s Word, all the discomfort and sick feeling that I had been experiencing in my digestive tract left!”  

As his authority in the Lord grew, Rabbi says demons began to manifest in people’s lives, particularly in Africa, while he was preaching the Gospel.  Right before he was going on a mission trip, a friend had a dream that Rabbi was with a rhino.  The rhino went down on its knees then turned on him in a rage.  The first night of ministry on that trip to Africa the Lord used Rabbi Schneider to deliver several people from strong demons.  The people were rolling on the ground, foaming at the mouth with their eyes rolled back into their heads.  “It was just like the stories in the Bible.  Jesus set them all free.”  The next night, Rabbi experienced severe chest pains and thought he was having a heart attack.  The Lord showed Rabbi Schneider that he was experiencing the wrath of the devil because of the authority he took over him the night before.  “Once the Lord showed me this, I commanded the demon to leave me in Jesus’ name.  The heart pain left and did not come back.”

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