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Facing a Depleted Income and Financial Fears—But God Had a Way!

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For years, both Brian and Rochelle Lindsey were teachers with a combined income that allowed them to have a financially stress-free life.  

“If I wanted to spend, no problem, because I knew every two weeks, I would get a check, she would get a check as well,” says Brian. 

Then right before they had their third child, Rochelle quit teaching to be a stay-at-home mom.

Rochelle explains, “I just felt like God was leading me to stay home. We didn't talk about like how we were gonna budget, and what we were gonna spend.” 

At first, they used Rochelle’s retirement to get by. When that ran out, they didn’t have enough to live on. 

“It was a lot of fear not really knowing what tomorrow will look like, or even that day. Just us really being poor,” admits Rochelle.  “And I felt like a lot of it was my fault.”

Brian adds, “Everything seemed to just come crashing down all at one time you know, on top of medical bills, car payments, light bills, phone bills, student loan debt. We were taking food from churches.”

Sometimes, the Lindseys couldn’t even pay their utilities on time.

“I was in the kitchen cooking and our lights were turned off,” says Rochelle. She continues, “And, you know, this is very humbling but I had to go up to a – it's a ministry that help you pay your bills.” 

Brian confesses, “It was frustrating, difficult – because being the head of the household, that's your number one priority, as a man: take care of your family. And when you just can't, it's – that's pretty tough.” 

Brian and Rochelle are Christians, but they had a hard time trusting God with their money. 

Rochelle candidly shares, “I just felt like He wasn't moving fast enough. So, you know, made some stupid choices, or just, you know, continued to wallow in depression and self-pity.”
The couple occasionally gave at church, but usually thought they couldn’t afford it.

Brian explains, “It’s because of fear. Just pure fear that, you know, I may not have money for gas. I could use my tithing money.” 

After their truck was repo’d, the Lindseys knew something had to change.  

“I felt like it was – what else is there to do but trust God,” exclaims Rochelle.

They surrendered their own plans and prayed for help. Shortly after that, Brian got an idea for a side business to increase their income and get them out of their financial hole. 

Brian says, “I saw two of my former students leaned up against their mother while she's trying to tell them to pedal. And soon as I saw it, immediately I was like, ‘That's it! I'm gonna teach kids how to ride a bike.’” 

Mr. B’s Bike Camp took off.  

“God blessed me with this business,” exclaims Brian.  

Rochelle adds, “The first year, I think he had 20 students. The next year he had over 70.”

Soon, the couple started intentionally tithing. 

“My mom always said don’t just tithe without knowing what are you believing for, what are you praying for,” Brian says. “So, I started writing on the back of my envelopes, ‘Increase in business and a new truck.’” 

As the couple continued to give, Brian got that new truck, and the income from Mr. B’s Bike Camp shot-up by 400%. Business even increased during the coronavirus pandemic. Once again, they have a comfortable lifestyle and no longer worry about how they’re going to pay their bills.

“Now the mindset is, ‘Who can we bless, who can we bless?’ Brian shares.

The Lindseys encourage others to trust God with their financial struggles and take a step of faith. 

“With everything going on, I feel God needs you to step out of your comfort zone so that He can use you in the way that He needs to use you,” Brian exclaims.  He continues, “You have to surrender. You just say, ‘Hey, Lord, I'm coming to you first. Right now, straight off the top, what do you want from me during this situation?’”

“I believe that, you know, God's Word is true. That you do reap what you sow,” concludes Rochelle. “God not only wants us to be receivers, but givers. Ultimately, it's to see Him glorified and lifted up through all of this.”

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