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Far From Perfect Still Has God’s Attention

Home Sweet Home

In this wholesome, romantic story, Natasha plays Victoria Tremont, a flirtatious barista who is bored with her social butterfly lifestyle and longs for wholeness, but has no idea what that really means. Then handsome Jason walks into her coffee shop and she turns on the charm. When he doesn’t respond to her flirting, a first for her, the challenge begins. Victoria learns that Jason runs a ministry that builds affordable housing, and decides to volunteer. She shows up the first day looking more like a model than a construction worker, quickly realizes that it’s not going to be easy to fit in with this Christian crew of experienced workers. Jason continues to be immune to her tried-and-true techniques, and it finally dawns on her that flirting is not going to work. Victoria decides to convince him that she’s “one of them,” and researches both “how to act like a Christian,” and “how to build a house,” so she’ll fit in. Her new approach gains her some ground with Jason. Then she meets the single mom who will own the house they’re building, and her eyes are opened to God and herself. 

The film sends a clear message: Wholeness comes through God alone, faith can’t be faked, and serving others brings meaning to life. “It was such a fun, relatable script, and it was about faith, which is super important to me,” Natasha says. When asked what she wants people to take away from the film, she responds, “I love the idea of being authentic to who you are, embracing your flaws, realizing that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, that you’re learning everyday, and to be okay with whatever stage of life you’re in. No one has it all together.”  

Social Media, Then and Now

Natasha started performing to entertain her family and friends as a young girl, and started singing at age ten. As she recalls, “I loved talking with everyone, performing, and sharing stories.” She was always putting on shows and hosted her own pretend web series called – what else – The Natasha Show.  Joining social media when was 14, she kept all her accounts private until she was 15. Then it happened. “Immediately I was bombarded with images of air-brushed models, picture-perfect selfies, and flawless photos of friends and family. I got caught up in the idea of presenting this façade of perfection as well,” she admits, as she aimed to post similarly perfect photos. “They were a made-up me. I became consumed by social media and the vision of how life is supposed to be full of perfect sunsets, perfect blowouts, and perfect people.” In time, she came to understand how far from reality much of social media is. “I had to learn not to let it run my life,” she says. “I had to learn not to compare myself to the images on the screen, because half of those images aren’t even achievable.”  

Today Natasha has a combined half a million followers on Instagram and Facebook. But now, at nearly 22, she says her motivation is to influence others, especially younger girls, with uplifting messages, and to be a role model. “I was so influenced by other girls … about makeup, body confidence, etc. …,” she says. With two younger brothers and no sisters, Natasha says she’s also found a community of other girls her age with whom to talk about life and the many issues they face. “I’ve been super blessed, and I do it to share my life with others.”  

Owning Her Faith

Natasha says her parents raised her with strong, Biblical values. “They taught me so much about morals and faith. They read me the Bible  and took me to church every week. They shared the love of Christ with me.” As she has become a young woman, she says she’s had to make her faith her own, and admits that there are and always will be worldly temptations and struggles. “I definitely have them,” she says. “ I know I have to invest in my relationship with God.”  

Natasha is very philanthropic, and has become a big supporter of Skip One, a charity which encourages people to skip something they do for themselves, such as a manicure or a cup of coffee, and donate that money to feed a hungry child. The organization uses the money to build and renovate kitchens in orphanages and schools in impoverished areas around the world.

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