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15 Years of Pain Ended with One Prayer

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Sharon Dhinakaran - 700 Club Producer

“I was coming home from my mother’s house, walking down the street and I felt a tingling in my bones," Barbara says. "It got to a stage in my life, where I would be watching TV and I would have to put a cover over me. I would wrap myself in a cover just to keep my arms from not paining me so much. And I was wondering, well, is it because of the cold weather why my arms are hurting so much. Even when it was really hot, my arms were still hurting. I thought it was a disease that was spreading throughout all of my body. I was absolutely terrified. I lived with the pain for fifteen years. Up until the last year, there was an intensity. What I found was my fingers were turning in, but I related that to Arthritis. At night time, my fingers would cease up and in the morning I’d really try my best to stretch it out.”

“I said to my husband, I think this is it. I think this is it. I think I’m going to die. And I was sitting on the settee, wrapped up with the blanket around me and I was watching The 700 Club and I shouted out ‘God heal my hands!’ and I stretched out my hands and said ‘God! Heal me!’ And Gordon said, 'There’s someone, you’ve got an arthritic condition. It’s really affected the mobility in both your hands. It’s severe and it’s you’re your immune system is attacking your joints and God is healing you. He’s taking that away. He’s giving it back to you.'"

"Instantly, the pain had got away, straight away. It was as though Gordon and God were connected together. I pull my arms up and down, back and forwards, and there was no tingling pain within my bones. The whole thing of ‘I’m gonna die,’ that wasn’t a problem again. Just felt reassured straight away without a doubt. I’m telling you, it has really changed my relationship with the Lord. It’s like there is nothing in this world impossible with God to do. I’m a new woman. I deal with things a lot different. I deal with my family a lot different. I’ve got a lot more compassion for people… God is real. That’s all I got to say. God is real. He’s real.”

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