Finding the Rock of Jesus

PHILIPPINES - “My family always called me the least intelligent, the least beautiful, the least kind, the least successful of all my brothers and sisters,” Julie sadly shares.

Feeling unloved, unwanted and driven by anger the young woman secretly calls the CBN prayer center in the Philippines for help and it changes her life.

“I would resort to calling the prayer center because I did not want my family to know I was feeling down.”

Julie could not handle the extreme pain she felt. She had become cold-hearted and determined to make it in life without her family so she ran away.

“I wanted to show them that I could live without them, that what they were saying about me was all wrong.”

But things went from bad to worse. She got pregnant and her boyfriend left her with the responsibility of raising their baby.

“It was like the whole world was against me. I was devastated, but I did not show them I was weak. Instead, I worked harder to fulfill my dreams and vindicate myself to those who shamed me.”

But becoming a successful interior designer did not feel as good as Julie thought it would.

“I was richer, more beautiful, and more successful than any of my siblings,” she confessed. “I thought I had everything. But I was wrong. Many times I would cry at night, feeling so empty.”

In the midst of her depression Julie reached out to the CBN prayer center.

“I found comfort and relief each time they prayed for me. I felt like somebody cared.”

Julie thought it would be enough to just phone the center when she needed prayer. But she got a devastating wake-up call when her young daughter expressed the wrong reasons for loving her.

Her four-year-old surprisingly said, “Yes, Mommy, I love you. I love you because you give me plenty of toys. I love you too because you buy me nice clothes, and you buy me delicious food.”

Julie knew she had to make changes. She had to spend more time with her daughter. She called the prayer center again and asked for prayer and advice. This time she made a critical decision.

“I decided to accept Jesus in my heart. The prayer center staff referred me to a church where I can attend and grow more in my faith.”

Julie forgave her family, surrendered her broken heart to God, and He healed her.

“I learned that money is not everything. I can have all the riches in the world, yet all of it will crumble like a castle on the sand if I don’t have Christ in my life,” she shares.

She’s thankful to God for using the prayer center to help her build a relationship with Him.

“Now, my life is founded on the Rock and I know that my foundation is sure and strong.”

When you give to CBN you help fund prayer centers around the world. Through them people like Julie learn about Jesus and develop a closer relationship with Him. If you are not yet involved, please join us in bringing a message of hope to people throughout the world. Become a partner today!

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