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Finding Success After a Failed Business

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Chad and Kathlyn Parrott became owners of a residential concrete business.  But within a year, Chad knew they had to shut it down.  It was a decision he didn’t take lightly, especially since they now had a one-year-old daughter.

Chad said, “How can I look at my wife and tell her that, you know, ‘We're broke, and the business is going under?  I don't know what we're going to do.’”

Kathlyn said, “And I just thought, ‘Oh, my goodness.’  Like, ‘We have $30 in the bank account and we don't even have enough money to buy formula.’  It was really scary, because I just thought, ‘Is this going to get worse, you know, are we going to lose our house?’”

Chad went on unemployment. Then one day, as he was praying, he heard from God.

Chad said, “I felt God start to put on my heart that, you know, ‘Why don't you fast?’"

Chad started a 21-day-fast. About a week later, Chad believed God was urging him to take a step of faith with their finances.

Chad said, “I felt God, as I was drinking my coffee one morning through my devotionals, ‘I want you to start paying your tithe.’”

Kathlyn said, “And I knew he was hearing from God, and God had really impressed that on him.  So, I’m like, ‘Okay.’"

The couple tithed off the last payment they had received from their concrete business and started giving to CBN.  Chad and Kathlyn then decided to open a new concrete business, this time making sure to give 10% back to God.

“I had a hope that I hadn't had for a long time,” said Chad.  “And it was a genuine, genuine hope that I knew that I was tapping into the right resource.”

They created a web site, and soon the phone started ringing.  In the first year, the company’s gross income went from $500,000 to $750,000.  Five years later, it had grown to $900,000.  Their individual income increased by 260% from what they had been making before they tithed.

Chad explained, “100% believe that by us, you know, committing to pay our tithe and trusting God, that that's why our business has been successful.”  

Kathlyn added, “I've found through tithing, through anything, that when you do it God's way, man, it is just amazing.”

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