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The "Fresh Start" Approach to Debt that Paid Off!

Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer
Elizabeth Fischer - 700 Club Producer

Omar Bradley ran his own electrical business.  And to make a few extra dollars for retirement, he and his wife Nancy opened a small retail shop.  But sales were slim and bills piled up.

“The more we spent trying to get an inventory, and trying to get people in, the more we had to use our credit cards,” says Nancy.  “We were in debt, fifty thousand dollars at least. And we knew that we were in really big trouble.”

Instead of saving for retirement, the Bradley’s were bleeding money.  The couple decided to close up shop.  But their immense debt remained. With no other options, Omar and Nancy cried out to god for help.

“God give us wisdom, give us guidance, give us direction, because we were way in over our heads,” says Nancy.

For most of their marriage, the Bradley’s had tithed off their incomes... But when their shop struggled, they cut back their giving.  Now, the couple knew they needed to start tithing again.

“When we stopped giving then it was harder, harder to make things balance,” says Nancy. “But by the grace of God we did not beat ourselves up for long. You know, we became focused again. The beginning of giving and tithing again, that's a fresh start.”

Shortly after they made their “fresh start” and began to tithe again, Omar started seeing more work at his electrical business.

“Omar’s business, it increased fifty percent. Tithing and giving opens the door to blessing,” says Nancy.

Omar recalls “We were amazed at how the 90% went further than the 100% really. And we had less problem meeting all of our obligations.”

Within a few years, The Bradleys were able to pay off their debts.

“God has gotten us back on track, and we are so grateful to him,” says Nancy.

Around the same time, Omar and Nancy became CBN partners.

“I like to see where my little bit that I give, is helping spread the Gospel to the world and healing to the sick,” says Omar.

“To see the smiles on the kid’s faces, to see the adults, relieved their child had that operation, that their child was able to go to a school run by CBN,” says Nancy.  “It’s an amazing thing. CBN is blessed because CBN blesses people.”

The Bradleys believe that giving has changed their lives. Because of their decision to tithe, they’re looking forward to retirement.  And they’re spreading love around the world.

Omar says “Don't quit tithing. Always, have the attitude of "what a privilege it is to give a tithe’."

“Because If you love something, you’re going to give to it,” says Nancy.  “We love CBN.  We love giving.”

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