Nigerian Archbishop and the Christian Response to Boko Haram


I recently traveled to our Washington D.C. bureau where I met with Benjamin Kwashi, Anglican archbishop of Jos, Nigeria.

Jos is the capital of Plateau State, where Christians have suffered traumatizing raids on their villages and brutal murders at the hands of Islamic militants. Tens of thousands of Nigerian Christians have been killed or injured in Plateau State during the past decade.

Rev. Kwashi and I talked about how the country’s Christians have responded to recent church bombings committed by the terrorist group Boko Haram. A portion of my interview was broadcast last week on our international news program, Christian World News.

If you missed it, you may view it here and respond to the Bishop’s suggestion that Christians should not take up arms and retaliate when they are attacked by militant Muslims.

Let me know what you think. Is it time for Nigerian Christians to take up arms, form a militia, and defend themselves?

Also, who is Boko Haram? Bishop Kwashi says they are not just a bunch of well-armed street thugs. Watch more of my interview with the archbishop here:

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