Rosenberg: Trump Goal Is to Build Israel, Sunni Alliance Against Iran


Fresh from his meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Middle East expert and author Joel Rosenberg told The Global Lane that President Trump is in the early stages of forming a U.S., Israel, and  Sunni alliance against Iran and ISIS.

Last week, the president met at the White House with President al-Sisi and later with King Abdullah of Jordan.

“This was an establishment meeting, these were a set of meetings where the president was formally inviting the Egyptian president to come to the White House for the first time. “

And Rosenberg says the talks with both leaders set a new tone and American strategy for the Middle East.

“I think there is a different environment than we’ve had because leaders in the region who were our traditional allies see in President Trump a true ally, a friend who wants to work with them against radicalism and isn’t abandoning the region.”

Rosenberg says in the aftermath of the U.S. tomahawk missile strike on Syria, the Trump administration must establish objectives for Syria and the Middle East and then build a strategy to achieve the objectives.

He believes one of the goals should be to remove Assad from power and then place him on trial for war crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

And what about Egypt? President Trump has pledged to work with al-Sisi to combat ISIS terror in Egypt and elsewhere. Should that include U.S. designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization? Al-Sisi and several other Arab states have already done that.

Also, what is President al-Sisi doing to protect Egyptian Christians and improve their lives as full members of Egyptian society? 44 Christians were killed in the Palm Sunday suicide bomb attacks and more than one hundred were injured.  Coptic Christians are demanding the government do more than simply imposing a nationwide state of emergency.

Watch part two of my interview with Joel Rosenberg for his responses to those questions and more.




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