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God Is Always With You—Even When Life Looks Hopeless

Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer
Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Greg and Sharon live in Ormond Beach, Florida, where for years, they owned and operated the nostalgic Argosy Motel.

“We had plenty of natural sand dunes, and you see the sunrise every morning,” Sharon recalls.  “So many people say to us ‘I would just love to own a motel and run a place like this on the beach, it's great.’ But they didn't see how much effort went into it.”  

Running the motel came with a heavy price.  The older units were in constant need of repairs and upgrades.

Greg explains, “They were flat, tar, and gravel roofs, and it would cost anywhere between $17,000 and $25,000 for a new roof, and I couldn't pay that.”

The couple drove an old car and cut back on everything they could.  Even still, they refused to stop giving.

Sharon says, “We felt that if we were faithful in what God told us to do, that He would always be faithful to take care of us.”

But then, more bad news.  The motel ran into drainage problems, and fixing it would set the Clarks back $250,000.

Sharon confesses, “It was very stressful. I was concerned for Greg's health.”

The couple prayed about selling the motel.  And even with no sign of a buyer, they kept giving.  

Greg says, “Just because you're going through a storm doesn't mean you are lacking in anything. It's more or less you testing the Lord.”

Sharon explains further, “Money has a tight hold on people, and when we are willing to give a small amount back to God, it proves that we trust him.”

They continued believing that God would provide. Then one day, they heard that the county wanted to buy the Argosy and turn the property into beachfront parking.  It was a generous offer, and Greg and Sharon accepted.

“We were finally able to not worry about money every day,” exclaims Sharon.

Greg adds, “Believe me, this is beyond what I have ever imagined after the Argosy.”

The Clarks say trusting God in their giving helped save them from what could have been financial ruin. They support a number of ministries and causes; one of which is CBN.  

“CBN is probably one of the most attractive release funds or just general giving to humanity that you could ever find on the earth.  I trust them,” Greg confidently shares.

Greg and Sharon used the money from the sale of the Argosy Motel to buy a new home and invest in other rental properties. They’ve been able to retire and enjoy the peace of mind that goes along with it.

Sharon concludes, “I feel like when we're obedient to God, He is faithful to us.  And He has asked us to give 10%. Give God a chance. He's so faithful, if you would just try it.”

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