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God Will Make a Way

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Author of: God Will Make a Way (Emanate Books, 2018)

President, Don Moen Productions

Oversees international ministry, Worship in Action

Pioneer of modern praise and worship movement

Worship leader



Music executive--sold over 5 million records

Dove Award winner

Featured on Fox News, NPR and in USA Today

Husband to Laura and father of five adult children

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Don Moen’s heart broke when he received an unexpected call late one night. His mother-in-law was on the other end and just the sound of her voice made Don’s heart sink. His wife’s sister and her family were in a horrible car accident. Their van was broadsided by an eighteen-wheeler and within seconds, this family would never be the same. Three of their four sons were seriously injured but their oldest, Jeremy, was dead. They were on their way to a ski vacation when it happened. Don explains, “My immediate response upon hearing the news was to do something—anything. But in all my days, I had never felt so hopeless… All the scriptures I knew about hurt and loss flew up from my heart into my mind, but they all somehow seemed to fall short of what I really wanted to convey to Susan and Craig. Very true and well-intended Bible verses quoted at a misguided time can end up feeling like religious daggers to the heart… The truth was I didn’t know what to say.” On the flight to meet his family, Don begged God for the right words and from that prayer came the song, “God Will Make a Way,” with a message of encouragement: God will make a way, Where there seems to be no way, He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me…

After Jeremy’s funeral, Don was able to share the song with his family. Through the pain, God has used this song to bless countless others.

As Don’s music ministry grew, he knew that God was truly blessing him. Yet, there had been a part of his life where he and his wife, Laura, really struggled—having children. For 11 long years, they tried and hoped over and over again only to receive bad news. During that time, they grew weary of well-meaning people’s questions that ended up rubbing salt in their wounds. Don shares, “Let me tell you, the questions got old and it was really tough to deal with in the midst of our struggle. Those constant conversations became our cross to bear. After a while, even our families gave up asking.” During those long years, Laura and Don never stopped praying and asking God for children. Laura’s sister Susan and her husband Craig stood with them as well. Finally, when it seemed all hope was lost, and others encouraged them to adopt, a miracle happened. They got pregnant! Now, five children later, they are amazed at how God has blessed them. However, Don also says that, “The people who sacrificially prayed for us and shared our pain for many years became our prayer focus as we shared in their pain when they lost their beloved son Jeremy.”

In his book, Don candidly shares the up’s and down’s experienced in the ministry—times of triumph and times of heartache. The takeaway message is simple: God has not forgotten you! Even when circumstances seem insurmountable, God is still there.

Don firmly believes that when we are created, God has given all of us a gift. God placed a piano in Don’s hands and he says that God “…has a pattern of how He works in and through us. Noah had a hammer. Abraham had a ram. Moses had a staff. Rahab had a scarlet cord. Joshua had a shout. Gideon had a trumpet. David had a slingshot.

Mary had a baby. A little boy had a lunch. A widow had two coins. A woman had a jar of perfume. Jesus had a cross.”  Don says that it is important to ask the Lord to reveal to you what your gift is, if you don’t already know and he emphasizes the importance of not allowing the enemy to steal that gift from you. He explains that maybe, “…something, someone, or some unfortunate circumstances, regardless of fault, stole it from you, cheated you, or simply distracted you… This can be the moment you choose to take it back…”

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