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He Collapsed on the Job and Needed Immediate Surgery

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Justo (pronounced “hoo’-stow”) barely remembered hearing the sound of the ambulance after he collapsed at his construction job in Guatemala.

“I felt a little pain in my stomach,” Justo told us. “While I was working the pain got much worse and I fainted.”  

“I was at home when they called,” added Maria, his wife. “They said they would take him to the hospital." 

There the doctor told him he had a problem with his gallbladder. “I learned had gallstones, but it was not dangerous. They did recommend that I have surgery, however,” said Justo. 

A few months later as Justo was building a wall, the pain struck again. “This time the pain was even stronger,” he said. "My co-worker took me to the hospital.” 

This time Justo's gallstones were so bad the doctor told him to stop work and plan for immediate surgery, which he could not afford.  

“They said it would cost more than 600-dollars! (15000 Lempiras in Guatemalan currency) I did not have that kind of money! When I got home, I hugged my wife and I say I could no longer work.”  

Soon the family had trouble buying food. “I went to my room and cried,” said Justo. “I felt like I was in a trap, like someone feels when they are dying. I got down on my knees and prayed and asked God to heal me.” 

One morning, Justo’s sister said she’d been searching the internet when she found an organization that might be able to help: Operation Blessing.  

“They said that they would help me! I was so happy!” declared Justo.  

Soon Operation Blessing arranged for him to receive the surgery he needed.

“I remember I was entering the operation room and the doctor said, ‘We call this room, the room of wonders.’ And I asked ‘Why?’ She said, ‘Because you will come out of here healthy!'"

The surgery was successful and soon Justo was able to return to work.  

“It feels great to be able to say to my wife again, ‘Here's the money for food this week!’ I thank everyone who supports Operation Blessing!"

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