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He Couldn’t Hear His Mother Crying

Debbie White - 700 Club Producer
Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Olga and her son Sasha were on the run again, refugees in a war that seemed to have no end. But as much as they needed food and shelter, Olga knew her son needed something more—to be able to hear.

Olga remembers the day she was told that her son was deaf: “I was seized with despair. The doctors said it was hopeless.”

Sasha could not attend school, so Olga taught him to read at home. Other children still rejected him because he was deaf. The situation got worse when Olga’s husband abandoned them.

Olga says, “I could not work because I could not leave Sasha alone. I was desperate. I did not know what to do.”

Olga remembers the day she was finally able to take her son for a free hearing test. With help from some hearing aids, Sasha heard for the first time in his life.

Sasha exclaimed, “It was very loud. I heard cars!”

Olga said through tears of joy, “His eyes were glowing with happiness!”

But then, the doctor told them they would have to pay for the hearing aids. The cost of even one device was out of reach. Olga knew that they could never save enough to help her son to hear.

Olga says, “He didn’t even want me to buy bread.”

Then Olga learned about CBN’s Orphans’ Promise. We took Sasha and his mom back to the clinic and they watched as the doctors fitted him with a new set of hearing aids.

The doctor who examined Sasha at the clinic said, “Sasha has very good prospects. When we put the hearing aids on him we immediately got a reaction. This is a very good sign for his future development.”

Olga says, “For me it is a real miracle! Now I want to stop everything else and just feel each sound with him. I want to restore what was lost.”

Olga says, “God has responded through the help of our friends in America!”

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