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He Thought Pain Medication Would Be His Buddy Forever

“I've never, you know, suffered such an agonizing pain before in my life,” June Perez said as he recalled his injury. “Like something pulling continuously on a muscle and just kind of stretching without, uh relief. That's what it feels like.”

“It was a weekend, and I went to go visit my sister,” June said. “I decided to go outside through the garage and the floor was slick. I lost my footing, and I went up. I hit the floor, and I lost my sense of consciousness.”

“When I made the attempt to get up and I put my right arm to the floor to lift my body that's when I felt the pain on my shoulder,” June said. “That was it, I didn't think much of it. I didn't think I broke anything. Been athletic most of my life and figured, okay, another football hit. But it was more than that.”

“That pain in my shoulder was not alleviating at all,” June remembered clutching his shoulder. “It just was there continuously. I was taking Tylenol and over-the-counter medications, just to see if I can subside it and just, you know, wishful thinking, make it go away. With this pain constantly on the shoulder, it would take two to three hours because of my positioning myself to sleep.” 

“Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months,” June said. “I work at a nursing facility and one nurse spooked me so bad. She says, ‘You're gonna have to go under the knife.’ I said, ‘No, I'm not going under the knife. I'm not. I'm just gonna – I'm gonna live with Tylenol the rest of my life. We're gonna be buddies.’ I would not go see a physician, because in my mind, you know, ‘This, too, shall pass.’ Unfortunately, it didn't pass.”

“One day, uh, I was home, and I was sitting before the television, and I was watching The 700 Club,” June said. “And there’s a segment in the program where they're going to pray with the audience.”

“There’s somebody with a rotator cuff issue,” Terry Meeuwsen prayed. “It’s not torn exactly, but it’s just very, very sore especially when you move your arm around or you try to lift anything above the height of your shoulder. God is healing that for you. You’re just going to feel a warmth come into that part of your shoulder and it’s just being all put back in place.”

“And as soon as she said, ‘God is healing you,’ I felt the heat hit my shoulder,” June said excitedly. “I can feel it right on the spot. When I felt the heat hit my shoulder, I couldn't help but to – my tears were coming out of my eyes. I was just standing there like, ‘This is me! This is no one else, this – she's talking to me!’ And then I didn't feel the pain anymore. The pain subsided from my arm. I mean, I couldn't do anything with this arm. I was marveled, because I was perplexed. I stood there, I'm like, ‘Is this real?’ I mean, did this just happen to me?"

“There’s nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with my shoulder,” June said gratefully. “My doctor – His name is Jesus, because He came and He visited me that day in my house. And He did it for His glory. Time did not heal every wound. I'm happy, I'm good. I feel great. My God is alive and He's well and He's on the throne and He testifies to His greatness and to His Word. He’s magnificent, He’s amazing.”

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