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Healing a Baby’s Deformity and a Mother’s Guilt

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Pia blamed herself for what happened to her son Jhorex. He was born with a cleft lip and palate. “I couldn’t afford the prescribed vitamins and regular check-ups when I was pregnant,” Pia confessed with tears falling down her face. “We didn’t have enough money. I feel so guilty.”
Jhorex’s condition has made it difficult for him to eat and drink so he became malnourished. His dad worries about his son's future. “I am afraid he won’t have a normal childhood, that he will get bullied,” Alex told CBN.   
Alex earns about six dollars a day. The young parents knew they could never afford to pay for surgery for their son. So two months after her delivery, Pia went out looking for help. “Even if it was raining hard or really hot, or if I was in pain, I went looking for help.”
“It should been both of us looking,” added Alex, “but I had to earn extra money to pay for their bus fare. I took any temporary jobs I could get.”  
Months passed and they couldn’t find anyone to help until Pia met a stranger and a “Good Samaritan” named Edwin. 
When I saw Pia carrying the baby, I asked if I could take his picture and post it online.
When Operation Blessing saw Edwin’s photo of Jhorex, we were able to connect with the family. Because he was malnourished, we gave him some vitamins and formula to make him stronger. Then we set up and paid for him to have surgery to repair his cleft palate. Now Jhorex is a healthy, happy child who loves to eat and drink.
I'm over the moon. I thank God for this!” declared Alex. “To Operation Blessing, I can't explain the joy I feel that you found and helped my son!” added Pia. 

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