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10 Eating and Exercise Changes That Really Make a Difference

Changing our perspective about weight loss is just as important as living it out! We live in a Do it/Want it Now! culture. When we apply that mindset to our weight loss journey, we find ourselves losing the race. But a slower, steady pace of making one change at a time can result in us not only crossing the goal line, but in staying there and not losing ground.

Take a look at the five eating changes and five exercise changes below. Decide which one you will begin with on each list this week. Once you have achieved that goal, add another change into your program. Applaud each accomplishment! It wont be long and youll begin to see the results!

5 Eating Changes That Can Make a Difference

1. Begin to cut back on sugar in your coffee or tea. (Do the same with the milk or cream.)

2. Use less or no butter and mayo.

3. Let fresh, raw veggies replace chips for lunch and snacks.

4. Add one new food every week to your meal plan. Variety will keep you on your program.

5. When eating out, start ordering half portions or ask for a doggy-bag at the beginning and divide half of the meal into it before you start eating.

5 Exercise Changes That Can Make a Difference

1. Add working out with a buddy once a week.

2. Plan to take the grocery cart back to the store when youre done unloading the items you bought.

3. Force yourself to walk longer distances by parking your car further away from your destinations such as the mall, grocery store, drug store, theatre, etc.

4. Take the stairs over the elevators or even escalators every single time.

5. Consider your chores another chance to get in some activity.

Used by permission of New Life Ministries. New Life Ministries has a variety of resources available at 1-800-NEW-LIFE or www.newlife.com.

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