Articles by Linda Goldfarb


The Sleep Thieves

Having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep? Wake up feeling like you aren't rested? Here are Linda Goldfarb's tips for getting proper rest.

Flexibility, the Healthy Choice

Be proactive about balancing your busy life. Take these steps from certified physical fitness expert Linda Goldfarb.

Nutrition for the Fast-Food Generation

Check out these balanced daily meals suggested for children from 3 to 19 years of age.

Are You Sleep Deprived?

Let’s find out where you stand—or lie—concerning the matter of sleep.

Step Out and Enjoy Fall

Some fun physical activities you can encourage your family with.

A Thinner, Healthier You

Simple tips to help you make positive health choices.

Harvesting Good Health

Pumpkins provide one of the top three sources of beta-carotene in our diet.

I'll Drink to That

What are the best beverage choices for my loved ones? Learn the facts behind those popular hydrating options.

Say 'Cheese!'

Dairy products offer a valuable source of cholesterol, calcium, and protein.

Add Veggie Power to Your Meal

I am going to encourage you to look at a new way of introducing your family to our friend, the veggie.

Grain of Truth

As we take a look at breads, cereals, and pasta, I want you to consider three points.

Diet Wars

Should I try Atkins? Sugar Busters? South Beach? Low Fat? No Fat? Or, should I just say “forget it” and buy a package of Oreos?

Stress: A Matter of Choice

Stress reducers for the stressed-out.

The Ultimate Fruit Basket

The freshness of spring has sparked my hankering for fruit, so let’s fill up the basket and see what we’ve got.

Don't Die Before Your Time

Too many believers today are choosing to die before their time. They don’t see their usefulness and therefore sit around getting stagnant, waiting for the end to come and ease their “suffering”. How sad!

Balanced Fitness Begins With God

As an introduction to my health & fitness column, I would like to take you on a journey back to the basics.


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