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After two years of college, Matt felt God was calling him to join the navy and he was excited to begin his career. His fiancé Victoria was up for the challenge of becoming a sailors’ wife-- even though long separations were in their future.                

Victoria recalls, “I just realized that God would make a way for it to work! Even though it seemed a lot bigger than what I thought I was capable of.”      

After the couple married, Matt believed God was leading him to apply for the chaplaincy program.            
Matt says, “I had met a chaplain on the base that I was stationed at and I just saw his energy, his positivity, and the way that he could help people I said, 'that makes sense.' And that's when all the dots kinda lined up and connected and I said, 'I understand now. That's where he wants me to go.'"
To make this happen, first, Matt needed to finish his bachelor’s degree and it wouldn’t be easy. By day he served as a full-time sailor, by night, a full-time student. He received financial assistance this time. However, the college student loan payments from before he joined the navy were tough to make. The couple stretched their budget by cutting out nonessentials including tv service, and trips home to see family.              
Victoria says, “It's hard to be away from them as they're all developing their lives and just seeing my nieces and nephew come into the picture, that's hard not being there for that.”
Matt and Victoria relied on their faith in God and trusted that they were pursuing his calling for their lives.            

Matt explains, “It's hard right now, but it's not always going to be this kind of hard. It’s going to be hard in different ways, at different times, but right now this is what He has for me."           

Their prayers were answered when Pillar Church, San Diego contacted Helping the Home Front and told us about Matt and Victoria. Pastor Daniel Carter shared that Helping the Home Front was paying for a trip home to see family.             
Matt says, “What?!” Victoria continues, “That's so sweet.”

Matt continues, “That's awesome.”

Victoria says, “That's awesome. Wow. Thank you so much.”

That was just the beginning of the surprise.

Pastor Daniel went on, “So, there's one more little thing here. CBN, Matt, wants to pay your entire student loan balance."

Matt laughs and says, “You are gonna make me cry.”

Pastor Daniel replies, “You're allowed to.”

Matt adds, “Thank you, Lord. Thank you Lord. Wow.”
Overjoyed, Matt is now free from financial worries and can concentrate on becoming a chaplain.            

Matt concludes, “This has been a huge game changer for us. I am so thankful for CBN partners. The people who have responded faithfully when they gave, donated, and helped in any way, shape, or form. It is life-changing. It is an answer to our prayers. It's a huge blessing. And we're so grateful. And I hope that one day we can be a blessing as they've been to us.”    

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