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Her Eyes Saw Only Pain and Heartache

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Janna's mom noticed her daughter's eye turning inward at six months old. By the time Janna turned eight, her condition had gotten worse. Unfortunately, the kids at school didn't make life any easier for her.

"One boy kept calling me cross-eyes," Janna said. "Sometimes, he would come up and just punch me. Sometimes, I have a hard time reading. I often have headaches.

Janna's dad is a delivery man and her mom works as a cook. Together they finally saved enough to take her to an ophthalmologist. But they couldn't afford the corrective surgery that the doctor recommended.

Janna's mom told us through her tears how hard it was to watch her daughter when she had a bad headache and when she was bullied in school.

In desperation, they took Janna to one of CBN's mobile medical clinics. We arranged for Janna to receive free surgery to repair the weakened eye muscles.

In the months following the surgery, Janna returned to school and other activities and has had no more problems with eye strain or headaches.

"I am happy my eyes look straight now and and I won't be bullied anymore," exclaimed Janna.

"I am grateful that God sent CBN to help our daughter!" added her mom.

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