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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Habiba says the best part of her day is cooking for her family.  But to do that, she walked more thanr 5 miles round trip to get water from a dirty river.

“Of course I don’t want to go that far, but it’s the only source of water we have,” says Habiba.
Every time one of Habiba’s children got sick, she was afraid the baby would die of cholera, like her first child did.

“We all still drank that same water,” says Habiba. “I remember playing with my sons one afternoon and wondering what my life would be like if I lost them, too.”

When we heard about Habiba’s family and all the others suffering from cholera, CBN dug a well in the center of their village.
Our medical team went there, too, and treated everyone with water-borne infections.  

“Our children will not die of cholera anymore.  And the well is so close, I don’t have to walk far to enjoy this gift,” says Habiba.   “Thank you.  The water washed away my tears, and gave me hope."

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