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Dying From a Broken Heart

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

YunQiu always hoped that her classmates would ask her to play with them.  But they knew she had a weak heart, so they never did.

She remembers, “They said, ‘We don’t want to be friends with you.’  So, I would just go to my quiet place and wish I’d get better and not be so alone.”

Her mother abandoned the family and her father died, so her grandmother took care of her.  And YunQiu didn’t always tell her when she was sick.

She explains, “Grandma is old and her health is not good, so I didn’t want to worry her.  Even though my chest was being torn apart, and it felt like there was a big rock crushing my heart.  I really wanted someone to take the pain away.”
She often looked at an old picture of her dad.

“I’d say, ‘Dad, I’m dying,’” she shares, wiping her tears away.  “But I knew my daddy couldn’t talk back to me.”

So, she turned to a doll for comfort.  

YunQiu says, “I slept with her and thanked her for being my friend.  I told her, ‘I’m afraid of having a heart attack.  I want to be healthy and happy like you!’”

Meanwhile, she kept getting worse.

“The doctor said my heart condition was very serious, and I’d die if I didn’t get surgery,” YunQiu weeps.  “I was so scared.”

As much as she wanted to, her grandmother couldn’t afford any kind of operation.  So, when CBN heard about YunQiu’s situation, we paid for her heart surgery.

“I used to feel so alone.  But when you told me about Jesus and how I have a Father in heaven, I started to pray to Him. I know He hears me,” exclaims YunQiu. She concludes, “My heart doesn’t hurt anymore and I’m all better so I can jump rope and make friends. Now I can grow up and be happy and healthy!”


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