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Child's Cleft Lip Distresses Parents

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

When Mr. Cao’s second son was born, he couldn’t even hold him.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about his face and wondering what his future would be like. I didn’t know what to do,” he explains.

Rui was born with a cleft lip and palate.

“I wanted him to have a better life than what I could give him. I thought maybe he’d be better off with someone else who could afford surgery,” Mr. Cao admits. “I told my wife, and she asked me to please just hold Rui. So, after three days, I held him for the first time.”

Mrs. Cao remembers that moment well, “Rui touched my husband’s face with his little hand, and my husband wept.”

The connection was so strong that Mr. Cao vowed never to give up on Rui. He worked long hours to raise money for surgery. Meanwhile, Rui was always in danger.

“Because of the gap in his lip, he was more likely to get dirt and bacteria in his mouth, so his immunity was bad,” says Mr. Cao.

Once, he got pneumonia and several times, he almost choked to death.

Mrs. Cao explains, “His brother tried to feed him fruit, and it got stuck. He couldn’t breathe.”

Mr. Cao adds, “He fell into a coma. His brother started to cry and said, ‘I’m sorry, Rui. I just wanted to share.’”

The couple got the food out, but was always worried about what would happen next.

Mrs. Cao confesses, “When I carried him to the market, kids would shout ‘I see an ugly monster!'”

Mr. Cao adds, “One man said, ‘Why do you bring him out? Don’t you worry about scaring people?’”

“So, I started covering his mouth with a veil,” explains Mrs. Cao. “I just hoped that someone would help him.”

Then some healthcare workers told the Cao’s about CBN and how we provide cleft lip and palate surgeries for poor children like Rui. Soon, Rui’s lip was completely fixed.

Mrs. Cao exclaims with joy, “Now my baby has hope! Rui can finally eat all by himself, and he doesn’t choke. I’m so thankful for CBN. We can really feel your love.”

Mr. Cao concludes, “Without you, my son would have lived in pain and fear his whole life. Thank you for helping him. It is like a dream come true. Now, Rui’s mouth is good. Because of your love, my son can have a normal life and my family can be happy!”

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