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A Mother’s Heartbreak Turns to Hope

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Mrs. Li had almost given up her dream of having a child when one of her friends told her about an abandoned child she’d found on the side of the road.

She recalls with joy, “When he looked at me, it was almost like he was saying, ‘Please be my mommy and take me home.’”

So, Mrs. Li and her husband adopted the child and named him MingXing.

Mrs. Li explains, “MingXing means bright star. He was a super star in my heart, and I wanted his future to be full of hope and light.”

But soon after, MingXing had a heart attack.  A doctor said he had a hole in his heart and needed surgery, or he’d die.

“I felt like my shooting star was losing its light,” exclaims Mrs. Li.  “My tears were like broken beads, but MingXing just took his hands and wiped my tears away.”

Then, Mr. Li had a head injury and couldn’t work.  That meant Mrs. Li had to take over responsibility for everything, including saving for surgery and taking care of MingXing.

“I felt like I had to watch him all the time or he would have a heart attack and die,” says Mrs. Li.

The hole in MingXings’s heart grew.   And when he tried to run, he fell.

Mrs. Li describes the dire situation, “His face was blue and his mouth was purple.  He began to gasp and started to suffocate.”

From then on, MingXing wasn’t allowed to play with anyone.  His only friend was a toy monkey.  Mrs. Li went door to door asking for money, but never made or collected enough for surgery.  

She admits, “I was afraid that one day the hole would get so big that it would be like a mouth and swallow up his heart.”

Then she heard about CBN and wrote us a letter.

She explains, “It said, ‘If you don’t help MingXing, he might die.  You are his only hope.’”

We quickly responded and set up free surgery.

“Now the hole in his heart is gone and he has a new life.  He’s completely recovered and happy every day.  And his eyes are full of light,” exclaims Mrs. Li.  She concludes, “Thank you for giving MingXing a bright future, as bright as the stars.  It’s all I ever wanted for him!”

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